Sunday, September 5, 2010


StockLock establishes smart, effective services that supply business with presence into, and understanding of, the human habits and activities taking place within their network, making them more safe and efficient.


Countless business in over 100 nations use our software application. We offer first-rate software application that allows our consumers to secure their most important possessions, decrease danger, and get exceptional presence into operations.


User Behavior Analytics is a must have aspect of an effective expert hazard program, while Employee Monitoring continues to provide considerable advantages to occurrence reaction, examinations, and security minded purchasers. Partnering with StockLock allows you to offer leading services in both of these locations, from one recognized supplier.


The objective of StockLock Partner Program is to offer a clear and basic methods of working with StockLock while empowering our partners to attain higher success and earnings. StockLock offers partners with sales, technical training and accreditation to empower higher success.